At Your Beck 'n Call LLC
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At Your Beck 'n Call LLC
Phone - (314) 329-5214
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At Your Beck N Call LLC                                                                                               (314) 329-5214
Errands, Personal Assistance, and more - we do it all!

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About Us and Our Clients

We currently have very limited availability for new clients.   

To see if we are available
or to be added to our new customer wait list, please contact us.  


At Your Beck 'N Call  is dedicated to providing complete peace of mind. At Your Beck 'N Call  is  based in St Charles MO. The founder and owner, Chrissy Sommer, has designed the company from the ground up to provide several compelling advantages for At Your Beck 'N Call  clients:

- Simplicity

At Your Beck 'N Call  consolidates all of your personal services needs under one roof.

- Personalized Service

Chrissy Sommer will personally handle your needs.

- Guaranteed Satisfaction

At Your Beck 'N Call  wants you to be completely satisfied with the services you receive.
If you are not satisfied with your service, it is free.

- Peace of Mind

At Your Beck 'N Call  frees you from the legal responsibilities of proper income tax withholding and remittance that come with hiring a personal service helper directly.

- Confidentiality

At Your Beck 'N Call  will never reveal your personal information to any other party.

- Straightforward Billing

At Your Beck 'N Call  charges a single hourly rate for all services, rounded to the nearest quarter hour with a one hour minimum per visit.

Are you someone who needs someone At Your Beck 'N Call?

Who uses personal assistant? Everyone from the millionaire corporate chairman to the single mom with two jobs and three children under age 10.  It's not just for the Rich and Famous.

People from all walks of life benefit from our services.  Some examples are:

Working parents who are spending too much time running errands and not enough time enjoying their family;

Adults with elderly parents who struggle to manage two households;

Busy professionals who can't find time away from work to shop for gifts or pick up their dry-cleaning;

New Moms, who are excited about being a new mom but need someone to step in and do some of the daily household chores;

Power couples who would prefer to spend their weekends with friends and family instead of hopping from store to store;

People who would love to host a party, but don't have time to shop for supplies and iron out the details;

Overworked Business People, who don't have enough time to take care of their home or themselves;

The Small Business Owner, who need help around the office;

Busy Travelers, who need help with travel details and keeping things running while they are away; 

Empty Nesters and Active Retirees, who are on the go and need someone to look in on your home or office while they're away;

who need someone to look in on your home or office while they're away over the winter;

Elderly Seniors,
who are not ready to give up their independence but may need a little help or reminders;

Someone recovering from surgery,
and who needs a little helping hand;

Someone who has experienced a loss, who needs someone to watch the home while they are at the visitation and  funeral, can help corridinate meals, can make arrangements for out of town visitors;

Someone needing to buy a gift for a loved one,
but not sure what sort of gift they would enjoy.  How about giving them a gift of free time?

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