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At Your Beck 'n Call LLC
Phone - (314) 329-5214
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At Your Beck 'n Call LLC
Phone - (314) 329-5214
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At Your Beck N Call LLC                                                                                               (314) 329-5214
Errands, Personal Assistance, and more - we do it all!

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At Your Beck N Call was developed for busy people, from executives to new moms to adult children caring for elderly parents. We can customize a service plan to meet your needs.

Our founder, Chrissy Sommer, says that "Working for a family business for over 30 years and a mom of two children and 5 pets showed me that I always wanted to have more time for my family.  Thus I saw a need to give other people
the "free time" they might need to enjoy their lives to the fullest."

"From careers and travel, to the desire to spend time with family and friends, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  I also saw that adult children struggle to keep up with their own lives while trying to be a caregiver for an older parent. 

So, to help people reclaim their free time, At Your Beck N Call was born."

At Your Beck N Call can tackle your time consuming tasks and let  you be able to focus on the things that are most important to you.  We will help you take control of your busy day so that you can always find time to sit back and relax.

For many people, finding time to do all the "little things" can be time consuming, and that takes away from family, work, and enjoying life. "With this in mind we came up with the idea to help those people like us. Our goal is to help you with all your errand needs so you will have time for the things that are most important in your lives. "

Let us help you get back your time, your life and your freedom to enjoy both.
We currently have very limited availability for new clients.   

To see if we are available
or to be added to our new customer wait list, please contact us.  



At Your Beck 'N Call
is dedicated to helping people manage everyday life.

At Your Beck 'N Call gives you more time for the important things in life, by handling your to-do list, assisting with your household responsibilities, and stepping in to provide caregiver support.

At Your Beck 'N Call is a comprehensive personal services company dedicated to giving you peace of mind.

At Your Beck N Call was founded out of a desire to support busy people, new parents, business owners, career-driven folks, retirees, overworked and overwhelmed people, individuals with health problems, and those that have “to-do” lists full of things that they don’t enjoy.

Our mission is to assist people to create balance in their lives, and to support businesses to run more efficiently.
Questions you may have..........

Q: How can a personal assistant or concierge help me?
A: At Your Beck 'N Call is available to assist you with your everyday tasks. We are here for the individuals who need extra hours in the day.

A personal assistant helps you free up precious free time by running errands, planning events, doing your personal grocery shopping, taking care of your home and pets while you’re away, checking on your elderly parents, making sure your out-of-town guests are comfortable, etc. etc.

Q: Are materials, expenses and taxes included in your hourly rate?
A: No, the client is responsible for paying all essential charges on top of the hourly rate. Fees listed do not include any merchandise purchased such as groceries, tolls, parking fees or any goods charged by a third party vendor related to a client request.

Q: How will I know what additional service charges are?
A: At Your Beck 'N Call can provide receipts for all hourly charges and all additional services after completion of service.

Q: Are your services pre-paid?
A: Yes, all services must be paid prior to being rendered.

Q: I have to make service arrangements for someone to enter my home, I am unable to be there, how would you be able to assist me?
A: We are able to be at your home for deliveries, repairs, utility hookups, etc.  We can stay until they arrive or for added security as long as the service people need access to your home.

Q: Do you offer monthly packages?
A: Yes, we can create a package based on your specifications.

Q: Can I use your service only one time?
A: Yes, with At Your Beck 'N Call, you can purchase hours when you need them.  If you only need our services one time or on an occasion, you can choose our  a la carte hourly rate.  We also offer packages and discounts to clients who use us on a more frequent basis.

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: Eastern St. Charles County is our immediate need area, however, we are available to meet or conduct business for our clients throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

More questions you may have about our Elderly In-home Care....

Q: Does your agency provide transportation?
A: The only transportation we can provide is Pet Transportation, but can still help you and suggest or arrange transport to places in the community and events.

Q: What type of support can you provide?
A: We can provide Non-Medical Support. 

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: We currently service Eastern St. Charles County, however, should you live within the St Louis metropolitan area, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Does your support cost a lot of money?
A: We bill only by the hour, thus you can choose how much support you need or want based on your budget.  Our service charges are normally less than expected for the level of care we can provide. 

We offer packages that even lower the price of care.  Click on our rates and packages link for more details.

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